Update 1.2.0

Hi Everyone, 我们现在有简体中文啦!

Wanted to let you know there's an update going out today for Simplified Chinese language support. If you're interested, there's now a version of the trailer in Simplified Chinese that you can watch on YouTube... or on bilibili!

We've also implemented gamepad support. We targeted Xbox controllers this round, though it should work for other gamepads as well. Here's the layout:

You can control the mouse cursor manually using the left joystick or select elements on the screen discretely using the d-pad. You can also jump to elements of different types quickly by using the "cycle" buttons. Whenever you encounter a scrollable screen (computer in the bedroom; phone text messages; using the Apocryphon app; etc), you can use the right analog to scroll. We QA'd this as much as we could but if you hit anything, we'd love if you could submit a ticket here. 

Thank you as always! We'll have more updates and features coming very soon, including an "expert mode" that eliminates hints from the game to make puzzles more challenging for experienced adventure game players. Thank you again -



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Version Jul 02, 2022
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Version Jul 02, 2022


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