Update 1.3.6: Expert Mode, Autocombat, and more

This update includes two new features that players have requested: "Expert Mode" and "Autocombat." Both of these can be found in the "Gameplay" submenu that's now available from the settings menu.


This mode eliminates the "hint" highlighting feature from the game, several instances of dialogue hinting and signposting, and certain visual cues that assist in puzzle solving. This is meant to create a more challenging playthrough for experienced adventure game players.


This feature automates all combat encounters in the game, with the exception of the Crouton encounter. We decided to leave this one in because it's optional. We'd love your feedback if you feel differently about this decision.


  • Fix the door knock mechanic so there's a noticeable wait before Leblanc fusses you.
  • Improve the dive timing when in the swamp overworld to prevent camera dislocation.
  • Fix (?? or at least significantly reduce the likelihood of) the issue causing text strings to disappear when the player spams the return button. This should fix other reported bugs in which players weren't receiving the correct items or couldn't progress beyond certain points in the game.
  • Edit Act 1 dialogue for brevity & clarity.
  • Color adjust several scenes.


NORCO_OSX.zip 640 MB
Version 1.3.6 Sep 02, 2022
NORCO_Windows.zip 641 MB
Version 1.3.6 Sep 02, 2022


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